Music as a Facilitator for Healing

Music as a Facilitator for Healing

A link to an scholarly article I found regarding how the communicative function of music can correlate between the spiritual (soul) and physical (body) of a person to promote healing with examples and research gathered from patients who have undergone music therapy, medical professionals and as well as research based on biblical principles to validate the claims of the initial research findings.


For the Love of Technology!

It seems that 2014 is going to be a year of “firsts” for me, and one of them is returning to college for the first time in three years after earning my first Master’s Degree and the second is enrolling in a program in which technology will play a large part in my life. Not that it does not already, I do teach computer software applications to community college students, I use social media such as Facebook and Twitter, I know what a white-board is and I own an IPhone. But I was not prepared for Skype!

Yes, I must be living under a rock, because Skype is a foreign concept to me, setting up my ID was an adventure and I am still not certain I have set it up correctly. In my COMM 601 Communication Fluency course, my first assignment was to set up accounts for Skype, YouTube and As an avid user of YouTube and owner of a YouTube channel to post videos of me singing at competitions and other events, which is my second non-paying career outside of teaching, was very effortless. But Skype is intimidating me, and I believe that it until I actually start using it.

Technology is frightening and wonderful at the same time, it challenges you, it makes you feel smart at times and it can make you feel dumb at times. This experience is humbling, because I do now have a small taste of how my first-time Introduction to Computers students feel when they are trying to use programs such as Windows and Microsoft Word. It looks easy when I demonstrate or explain the concepts to them, but doing it themselves, they are nervous and intimidated and make many mistakes. Then they want to quit, usually over one small obstacle.

Using technology in an online course is not a ridiculous concept, in fact online courses should embrace all that technology has to offer. I am excited about this opportunity, because I will learn something new, which is how to use Skype. Using YouTube will be fun, because I enjoy posting my videos and WordPress is fun and easy to use because I enjoy writing! As for Skype, it is likely that I will be able to incorporate it into my daily life. Like most things in my life, I am not going to let one thing cause me not to reach my goal, it never has and it never will.