Digital Presentation: Applying Theory to Practice

Self Reflection:

Once again, with the project I saw the limits of my creativity pushed and the understanding of the content expanded even more. The intent of this project is to further examine how common miscommunications can cause misunderstandings and problems in the workplace culture. Technology, as much as a benefit, as it is in a thorn in the proverbial side at times, has created new avenues in which miscommunication can travel. However, the results may be more dramatic because communication via technology is a more public sense. Therefore, it is very easy for a small lapse in judgment or carelessness to erupt into a major communication crisis with full-reaching effects, such as ruined careers and a threat to the security of the organizational communication structures.

Communication has become very easy since the introduction of personal computers and digital devices. It would be hard to imagine how to communicate without these advances. However, the potential dangers would be minimal and maybe less of a headache. However, progress would be slowed and many other advances would not be made, so it is simply a matter of accountability and self-responsibility of how to use technology in the correct manner. Etiquette, or Netiquette, which is commonly referred to, ensures safety, security and preserves professional relationships. Netiquette involves much more than just how to correspond via e-mail, voice chats and other mediums but more about how to professionally communicate and promote efficiency in the workplace.

Media production for this project seemed a little more complex. I believe it is due to the reason that many different media aspects were combined into one project. It is not that it was hard but that it was an involved process for me due to my limited experience with these tools. I had to incorporate a couple of tools to create my presentation, first was my smartphone to record my introductory video and second was Screencast-O-Matic, a tool I learned to use last spring in my first communications courses here at Queens. In my opinion the best method to incorporate for a media project is the multimodal approach (video, images, and sound). With this approach the audience will become more engaged in the topic and enjoy a visual presentation that will ensure clear comprehension of the concepts presented.

My limits and scope are being stretched which is good and difficult at the same time! I do believe I may be making the process a little more complicated and it simply due to my limited knowledge of the tools available in amateur media production. As I continue in this program it will be to my advantage to invest time in exploring and experimenting with these tools so that I will have the proper tools available to craft a meaningful presentation. These projects this term have spurred me to research and experiment in a small amount of time, which at that moment was stressful but it taught me a great lesson and spurs me to invest time in learning how to produce future presentations with ease!