Relevant Courses: All courses within the Master of Arts in Communication Program. Special Emphasis on: COM 658 Creativity and Networks, COM 680 Expanding Communication Boundaries and COM 681 Launching Passion into Practice

Research literacy within the communication discipline demonstrated by the ability to create and complete at least one inquiry project that:

WHAT is research literacy? Research literacy is “The ability to be a critical consumer of research, and also, where possible, to design and undertake at least a small-scale research project in the discipline, using appropriate methodology.” (SESE, Section 4.1). Throughout this program Research Literacy was paramount to the projects undertaken in the Communications program. Research literacy became more than just a part of the course of study….it WAS the course of study. Therefore, the culmination of that understanding is illustrated in the preceding bullets and essentially outline the purpose fulfilled in COM 680 Expanding Communication Boundaries and COM 681 Launching Passion into Practice. Therefore, the Comprehensive Communication Problem Project is the final product of each of those five tenants! 

  • Articulates a communication problem, strategy, or initiative to be analyzed and evaluated
  • Adopts an epistemological standpoint
  • Locates, aggregates, and analyzes credible research
  • Drafts a literature review that supports and illuminates a chosen area of inquiry
  • Composes and supports arguments using at least one theoretical framework

SO WHAT did I learn? One of the most exciting things I have learned is how to take an ordinary, real-life problem and examine through a different “lens”. For example in  _____ class, our 

NOW WHAT? Include a paragraph (or more) explaining how your learning has changed your outlook/approach/plans moving forward (academic, professional, personal, etc.

It is important to note that without the extensive learning of the research process and the emphasis on research literacy